Breaking Barriers and Changing Diapers: A Modern Parenthood Revolution

In the ever-evolving landscape of parenthood, one thing is abundantly clear: equality knows no bounds, and neither does diaper changing duty. In a world where moms and dads share the joys and responsibilities of raising their children, why do we still find ourselves grappling with the age-old issue of changing tables being conspicuously absent from […]

The Scrappy Mentality

If you took a peek behind the Pluie curtains you would find moms juggling the demands of scaling a business with the demands of school forms and uniforms. We have a constant running to-do list in our heads that includes everything from calling an investor and creating a national account pitch deck to picking up […]

The Juggle, The Struggle

We recently attended a Shark Tank Reunion with dozens of other entrepreneurs who received “The Golden Ticket” i.e. aired on Shark Tank. It was an amazing opportunity to network with others who did “the hallway walk” and came out on the other side of what very few people experience in their lifetime. When we pitched […]

Start-Up Life Surprises

Pluie Team

I had a great job at a Fortune 500 company in an industry that I loved with people who I admired. Due to personal circumstances, I left the company and took a few months to reflect on my next career move while full time mom’ing it. As I looked at my options of finding another […]

Legislative Support of Accessibility to Public Diaper Changing Tables on the Rise

Diaper changing table legislation

Men’s restrooms and even some, gender-neutral and women’s restrooms still do not have changing tables. Some people just assume a business doesn’t even have them installed which should not be the case these days. All restrooms should have a diaper changing solution for families, especially one that is clean, comfortable and convenient.  Diaper changing table […]