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The Ease of Retrofit

Does your restroom need a facelift, but your budget & timeline don’t allow for a complete overhaul?

Some may think that updating a restroom is a daunting task. Afterall, the last thing business owners want to do is inconvenience their customers if a restroom is closed for renovations during store hours. But what if the restroom doesn’t have to be shut down for days, or even hours?

What if a major design enhancement can be made in just the matter of a lunch break?

That’s exactly what happens when updating your diaper changing tables to Pluie! Costco partnered with Pluie to retrofit their existing changing table. They loved the comfort, convenience & cleanliness that Pluie presented to their guests

I’m obsessed with the changing table in your restroom! Cleanest one I’ve ever seen. I used to go out to the car and change my kid in the trunk, but not anymore! Thank you!

– Costco Parent


Costco leveraged Pluie's turnkey installation services - we started by removing the existing changing table from the wall.
  • Existing unit had been in place for almost 10yrs and was in need of an update.
  • The replacement Pluie table uses the same drill holes footprint as the old table.
From there, using our wall mounting template, we drilled 4 holes & identified where the electrical wiring needs be pulled through.
  • Pluie's wall mounting template easily identifies drill holes & electrical wiring.
Once electrical is ran, all that's left is to mount the table on the wall and connect the electrical.
  • Existing electrical setup was complete and connected to Pluie within an hour.
All in, this retrofit installation took our technician around 2 hours to complete!
  • Within just 2 hours, the new Pluie table was fully installed & ready for customer use.
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Costco was beyond happy with the finished product, as the installation was so quick & seamless and they were excited to offer a new, low-fi amenity for their guests. Customers are just as ecstatic by the addition of Pluie to their beloved Costco’s facilities.

Costco continues to receive positive feedback through their customer portal about how happy customers were to be taken care of & greeted by Pluie in the restroom.

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