Grant Funding Making
an Impact

99 airports have been awarded over $1B in Airport Terminal Program Grants as part of the FAA’s plan to fund over $5B in airport improvement projects to meet the demand for post-pandemic air travel.

Several airports across the nation have already decided to include an upgrade to their existing restroom and nursing room facilities by placing Pluie units, which feature the world’s first and only self- sanitizing diaper changing table, into their upgraded passenger terminal facilities. All airports are concerned about sanitization in communal areas and have provided numerous “touch-free” amenities such as water faucets, soap dispensers, paper towels and high-velocity air hand dryers.

What should not be overlooked is that diaper changing is an inherently “hands-on” experience which needs attention in keeping clean and germ-free.

Installing Pluie’s self-sanitizing changing tables throughout the Indianapolis International Airport demonstrates our commitment to the health, safety, and comfort of all of our travelers. And it’s another example of our world-class customer service.

Indianapolis International Airport Sr. Director of audit, risk management & procurement


Leveraged Pluie’s on-hand inventory to have their new table delivered in a matter of days.
  • Once received, (Airport) team members utilized Pluie’s wall mounting template to easily remove the existing diaper tables and self-installed the electrical and Pluie table on the wall.
Considerations for placement went beyond the women's and men's restrooms and family restrooms but also the pre-security and post-security Nursing Mothers Lounges.
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6 U.S. airports now offer Pluie for traveling families.
50 Pluie Tables purchased by IND Airport to enhance travelers' experience
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When you are out to eat with your family the last thing that you want to do is feel a rush to leave due to a dirty diaper. Restaurants, bakeries, breweries and more recognize the importance of a clean and comfortable restroom environment which is why Pluie is proud to provide our tables to so many restaurants across the country.

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