Best Winter Blankets for Toddlers

Best Winter Blankets for Toddlers

Your baby has graduated from swaddles to sleep sacks to blankets! Once baby is over the age of one, he can have blankets with him in the crib and eventually in a toddler bed.

As cooler weather approaches, you may be wondering what the best blankets are to keep your toddler warm. We’ll talk about the difference between toddler and baby blankets below, as well as our favorite fabrics for winter blankets.

What is the Difference Between a Toddler Blanket and Baby Blanket?

Size is the key difference between baby blankets and toddler blankets. Store-bought baby blankets like receiving blankets are generally not large enough to cover a growing toddler.

Baby blankets can still be great soothers for your toddler to snuggle with! But they will not serve as comfortable blankets to cover them when they’re sleeping.

Typical baby blankets come in the following sizes:

  • 18×18 inches
  • 36×36 inches
  • 40×40 inches
  • 48×48 inches

Toddler blankets, especially for toddler bedding, should measure 40×60 inches. This is the standard crib blanket size, although you’ll find many variations, such as:

  • 36×50 inches
  • 40×50 inches
  • 40×52 inches
  • 42×52 inches
  • 45×60 inches

Best Winter Blankets for Toddlers

Here are some of our favorite winter blankets for toddlers and why we love them!

Fleece blankets. This material is such a staple, from toddler items all the way into adulthood! Fleece is particularly wonderful for blankets because it dries so quickly, making it great for messy little ones. Speaking of messes, fleece resists stains. It keeps its softness wash after wash, too.

If your toddler loves Disney, Macy’s has many fleece blankets to choose from, like this Princess Super Soft Scenic Coral Fleece Toddler Blanket for example.

Sherpa blankets. These blankets are deliciously cozy. Like fleece, Sherpa is made from 100% polyester, but the fabric is much denser and oh so cozy!

The Shelby Sheep Toddler Quilt from Pottery Barn Kids is crisp and super soft. It is woven with linen and cotton as well for added interest and texture.

Minky blankets. Minky material is 100% polyester with a “brushed pile” that gives it its plushness! These blankets are a wonderful layer for the toddler bed that provide warmth without weight.

The Everything Kids Plush Blanket is an inexpensive option, includes a soothing satin border trim, and works well to layer with other bedding or for snuggling up with by itself.

Wool blankets. Wool is a wonderful option. When you find a wool blanket that is deliciously soft, you can forget your own early childhood memories of those scratchy wool outfits! Wool wicks away moisture while providing absolutely delicious warmth.

This beautiful wool + cotton blend stars blanket is a lovely option for those constellation-themed kids’ rooms.