5 Baby Closet Organization Ideas

5 Baby Closet Organization Ideas

Maybe you’re in full-on nesting mode as you prepare for the arrival of your little one, or maybe your baby is a year old and you’re tired of digging through an unorganized nursery.

You want to be able to find everything you need conveniently, and the best way to do that is to organize that closet!

It may seem impossible to organize baby clothes when you have limited space, but you can do it! Whether you rent or you own, transform that closet into an easy-to-use, well-organized space.

Standard closets are notoriously inefficient, especially when it comes to adorably small baby clothing. Here are some of our favorite baby closet organization ideas.

Add Shelves

The best thing you can do to maximize space in baby’s closet is to add shelves!

You can build and install shelving yourself for a more permanent solution, or you can simply put “portable” shelving units in the closet, like bookcases or cubbies. Either way, you will easily maximize your storage space for all those cute baby clothes.

I love this example from A Beautiful Mess. Adding drawers and shelves made a huge difference in the way this space was utilized!

Add Drawers

Similar to the above suggestion, purchasing a drawer unit specifically for the closet will do wonders to maximize your storage space.

Maybe you already have a dresser for baby—great! But no one ever says they have too much storage, do they?

In our current apartment, my husband and I don’t have room for a proper baby dresser because there is already SO much furniture in our spare room. We don’t want to get rid of the spare bed or the futon, so for now we added a simple plastic set of drawers in the closet. Easy!

Add a Double Rod

Baby clothes are SHORT, so installing a second closet rod below the first one creates ample hanging space for more of those darling outfits. I personally LOVE seeing everything hung up. Sometimes I even forget about clothes that are stored in the dresser. It’s just so easy to glance and see all the things hanging in your closet!

Here’s a great DIY tutorial from Home and Hallow for installing a double rod. She suggests hanging the first rod 80 inches from the ground, and the second 40 inches from the ground. She also includes information about building the rest of her nursery closet setup in her post!

Use Baby Closet Dividers

If you’ve been gifted baby clothes ranging in size from 0-18 months and baby isn’t even here yet, you’ll want a convenient way to organize them. Use closet dividers to easily organize baby’s clothes. You can rotate current sizes out as baby grows, too! Just hang up the clothes baby currently wears, and store other sizes in that handy drawer unit you’ve installed in your closet.

I have these adorable closet dividers on my registry for our baby girl. You can find dividers like these in just about every nursery theme under the sun.

Use Bins, and Label Them

You can maximize space on those shelves and especially on the top shelf of the closet by using storage bins. Bins come in all sorts of stylish designs, but they won’t be an effective storage solution if you don’t remember what you put in each bin! So don’t forget to label everything. Like Marie Kondo says, the aim of storage is to give every item a clear home.