What to Always Have in Your Diaper Bag

What to Always Have in Your Diaper Bag

You’ve registered for the most adorable and functional diaper bag on the market, but what do you put in it? (Other than the obvious: diapers.)

As with purses, it’s easy to tote around a giant bag filled with a million items you may never need or use. That’s why we’ve put together a list of what you should ALWAYS have in your diaper bag. Everything else is optional!

Whether you would rather be overprepared, don’t mind being a little underprepared, or prefer to have exactly what you’ll need and nothing extra, you’ll be able to decide what will be the ideal packing list for you.

Must-Have Items in Your Diaper Bag

Diapers. Pack as many as you think you’ll need for any given outing, plus a few extras just in case.

Baby wipes. A portable pack will be less bulky!

Portable changing pad. My dear friend loves her Snoofybee Changing Pad because it prevents those little hands for reaching down into the dirty diaper (yuck)!

Diaper cream. Consider a travel sized option, which will take up less space.

Bags for dirty diapers and soiled items. Your diaper bag might come with reusable bags for sealing away soiled items. Consider bringing a few disposable plastic bags with you as well.

Hand sanitizer. Enough said!

Extra outfit(s) for baby. Bring at least one extra bodysuit for your little one since blowouts happen! If you’ll be out for an extra long time, consider two extra outfits.

A light blanket. This has so many uses! You can bundle up baby if the A/C is up high, put it on the floor for baby to do tummy time, use it to cover a baby boy when you’re changing him, or use it as a nursing cover. Depending on how long you’re out and about and what you use the blanket for, you might want to pack two.

Nursing pads if you’re nursing.

Formula and bottles if you’re bottle feeding.

Sippy cup of water for an older child.

Snacks for an older child.

First Aid Kit. This should include bandages, antibiotic cream, baby acetaminophen, thermometer, and emergency contact list.

Anything you would normally put in your purse, including cell phone, charger, keys, wallet, lip balm, hair ties, etc.

Optional Diaper Bag Items

Toys. I say toys are optional because a one-month-old may not need to be entertained, but an older child would be! The amount and style of toys will depend on your child’s age. Teething toys for example might be a must during that stage.

Pacifiers, if your baby uses them. Plus, pacifier wipes for on-the-go cleaning, since regular diaper wipes are not safe for using on pacifiers.

Sunscreen and/or bug spray, depending on the weather and baby’s age since sunscreen is not recommended until baby is at least six months old.

Extra shirt for you. Depending on what you’re up to, be it a more formal event or just a casual run to the store, you may want another shirt in case of spit up.