3 Reasons Peppa Pig Theme Park is the Ultimate Destination for Preschoolers

Pluie Founder and CEO Addie Gundry recently had the opportunity to take her son Cooper, the baby behind the inspiration for Pluie’s patented design, to the brand new Peppa Pig Theme Park in Winter Haven, Florida. As the world’s first Peppa Pig Theme Park of its kind, and the first theme park designed specifically for preschoolers, specific attention was paid to creating the ultimate destination for all little ones to giggle, snort, jump, splash, and play. 

Here’s a look at a few ways Peppa Pig Theme Park stands out as a fun, safe, welcoming place for families with babies and toddlers, including: toddler-focused fun, accessible attractions, and of course, adding Pluie!

Peppa Pig boat theme park

1. Pint-sized Fun in a Manageable Footprint

There’s plenty of rides, attractions, experiences, and snacks to provide a fun-filled day for the youngest members of the family, but it’s a refreshing break from the larger theme parks that can overwhelm and drain that age group. The rides and attractions showcase all the beloved characters, as well as iconic scenes and themes from the show, and many don’t have height restrictions. On those hot summer days, a splash pad and air-conditioned cinema offer a respite from the heat and humidity. 

Miss Rabbit’s Diner offers another convenient way to rest and refuel, with all the Little Piggy Entrees you’ve come to expect on a kids menu, grown-up entrees including vegan options, and Muddy Puddle Milkshakes (which Cooper loved!) to make the day even more memorable. 

Peppa Theme Park attractions

2. Special Attention was Paid to Making it Accessible for All Kids

Peppa Pig Theme Park was strategically designed to become a Certified Autism Center, and staff are well trained on welcoming guests all along the neurodiversity spectrum. The park’s website conveniently offers a comprehensive accessibility and sensory guide for guests to plan their visit. Additionally, Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride is wheelchair accessible, and the splash pad is graded for wheelchair use. 

3. They’re the First Theme Park to Welcome Pluie 

Pluie and Peppa are now forever friends, and we couldn’t be more excited about the partnership. Pluie’s self-sanitizing changing tables were installed in the boys’ and girls’ restrooms in the park in time for opening day, offering families a clean, safe, comfortable place to change dirty diapers during their stay. Restrooms in the Duplo Playhouse in the adjacent LEGOLAND Resort were also retrofitted with Pluie tables. 

When Addie first brainstormed how to design a better changing table experience for public restrooms, Peppa Pig Theme Park was exactly the type of place she had in mind that needed an innovative solution. When parents are out in public at a place they hope to spend much of the day, or even most of the afternoon, it can become a huge hassle when there isn’t a clean, convenient place to change diapers. Parents often resort to going to their cars to use the trunk or even placing their babies on the floor. It disrupts the fun and ultimately the guest experience. 

Thankfully, Peppa Pig Theme Park’s leadership realized that if they wanted to design the place to spend an action-packed day as a family, they needed to upgrade the public diaper changing experience too. Pluie’s UV-C light technology self-sanitizes the changing surface in just 60 seconds after each use, creating a healthier experience for families while reducing harsh chemicals. The patented UV-C light system is known to kill 99.9% of germs including influenza, e. Coli, and coronavirus, perfectly aligning with the park’s commitment to the health and safety of their guests and staff. 

Pluie is also the first table to offer a retractable safety strap, plush foam cushion as the changing surface instead of hard plastic or metal, and ergonomic handles on the side for easy opening and closing as well as a place to hang a diaper bag and keep it off the floor. 

When Addie spent the day in the park with Cooper, who is now out of diapers, she witnessed so many parents thrilled with the new Pluie amenity. By elevating the smallest of details (which become really big ones when there’s a blowout!), the park was able to upgrade their guest experience and encourage families to stay longer and return in the future. 

At Pluie, which means rain in French, we love using umbrellas to symbolize the protection they offer as well as the beauty in their design. It’s what Pluie strives to offer in this innovative product – protection for families and a better product design. Peppa may choose to forego the umbrella for muddy puddle jumping, but we’re confident that soon parents everywhere will expect the level of service Pluie provides when they’re on the go. 

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