60-Seconds a Day Keeps the Germs Away

When taking your child to a healthcare facility, you hope for it to be clean, safe, and as germ-free as possible. After all, you’re there to help your child either stay healthy or get healthy! While a toddler’s hands are small, they can carry and transfer a mighty amount of germs. Preventing the transmission of germs and infection in healthcare facilities is an important component of patient care and is of significant concern to all healthcare providers and parents. That’s why physicians across the country are installing Pluie in their clinics as a new and effective way to stop the spread of germs.  

For the first time, the same technology used to sanitize patient rooms can be found in the bathroom with the Pluie diaper changing table. Pluie’s patented UV-C light system is known to kill 99.9% of germs including influenza, E. Coli, and coronavirus. It’s a familiar, trusted technology in the healthcare setting and no other changing table on the market offers any sort of self-sanitizing technology, let alone one that is as trusted, consistent, and reliable. While the UV light is tough on germs, no child or caregiver is ever exposed. With it safely positioned behind a protection panel, Pluie’s UV-C light system only turns on when the table is closed after use and sanitizes the changing surface in just 60 seconds. The UV light automatically shuts off when the table opens to prevent the user and child from exposure. You can learn more about UV-C light here


Sanitization is important for healthcare facilities and can be labor intensive and expensive. However, with Pluie’s self-sanitization capability, healthcare facilities have one less surface to clean, saving time and money. 

Pluie fits right in at healthcare facilities, and doctors agree! Dr. Rebecca Unger, a pediatrician at Northwestern Children’s Practice in Chicago, IL, attested “Babies are hearty, and we want to keep them as healthy as possible. Pluie’s patented UV-C light system protects children from the risk of surface transmission, and we are thrilled to be one of the first to have Pluie here at the practice.”

Oula Maternity Health

Pluie has been recognized as a key part of practicing safe healthcare across all sorts of different practice types, including pediatric offices, medical clinics, urgent care, dentistry, and maternity clinics, to name a few. Naturally, Pluie was a great fit for B2 Microcare in Montana, a clinic which focuses on being quick and convenient while maintaining an excellent quality of care. Heartland Health and Healthlinc have also installed Pluie as part of their respective missions of providing their communities with exceptional, yet affordable healthcare. Oula Maternity Health in Brooklyn, NY and Angel Harvey Family Health Center in Chicago, IL have also installed Pluies in their facilities in order to elevate their cleanliness standards. Additionally, Pluie can now also be found in Prime Smile East in Indianapolis, Indiana. While going to the dentist can be scary for youngsters, having Pluie in the office means trips to the dentist are much more comfortable for children and parents.


As a brand, Pluie is synonymous with health and safety. Therefore, it is no wonder that multiple healthcare facilities have chosen Pluie as a way of providing their clients with an exceptional visit experience – in just 60-seconds. 

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