On-The-Go Baby Changing Tips

Let’s face it, it is very difficult to keep your child absolutely clean when on the go. No matter how hard one tries to time bathroom breaks, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to change a diaper (or 100+) while you’re outside of the comfort of your own home and without your trusty at-home changing pad. 

While we are working hard to #changethetable and install Pluie Changing Tables in the 4M+ restrooms across the U.S., we know that you are going to have to face less than ideal changing circumstances while you’re out with your little one. While ensuring you have the essentials packed in your diaper bag, backpack, or purse, and a functional portable changing mat on hand are obvious, we wanted to share a few additional tips to help make those on-the-go diaper changing moments safer, cleaner, and better!

Caregiver packing diaper bag with diapers.
Don’t over pack your back!

The Essentials
Creating a portable “go-bag” that has all the diapering necessities is a must. Large diaper bags and packs are a thing of the past. Grab your portable mat and a small cosmetic bag, Ziploc bag, or pouch from your purse to pack just the basics for your outing. This will provide you with the comfort of knowing you have what you need in a diaper emergency without adding all the extra bulk to your juggling act. We recommend 2-3 extra diapers (for a 2-hour outing), a pinch worth of wipes, 1 fresh onesie or pants (depending on the age of your little one), and hand sanitizer. An additional nice-to-have is a small trash bag (think poop bags used with your dog) that you can also stash in your pouch in case you are required to transport any especially smelly diaper cargo to another location before throwing it away in the trash.  

The Location
Now, if you are lucky enough to be at DFW Airport, Chicago White Sox Stadium, Chelsea Market, or any of the other locations across 20 U.S. states where our Pluie Diaper Changing Tables are installed, we’ve got you covered! But until we get Pluie into every restroom, you’re going to want to think about where to change your precious cargo when you’re faced with a grimy, old, and outdated public changing station, or even worse, nothing at all.

Now, you have probably gotten used to being flexible and creative since having your baby, as that is truly a prerequisite for parenting. Plus, you’re courageous and bold enough to take your baby with you out into the world – you’ve got this! If there is no diaper changing station on site, the two trusted methods that have worked in our experience is 1. Lap change or 2. Car seat/trunk change. 

The Moment
Last, but certainly not least, the actual changing experience. This will be the hardest part of the whole experience – don’t stress by rushing through it! As you well know by now, your little one can sense your own tension and you want this change to go smoothly, right? Take a deep breath, block out the noise of being in public, focus on your baby, and get to work. Here are few things that we’ve found to work well at calming both caregiver and baby:

  • Sing a song – no, your baby won’t care if you’re hitting the right key; they will just care that you’re looking at them and embrace hearing the sound of your voice.
  • Describe your environment – point out a tree with different colored leaves and how the leaves changing color signals that the Fall season is starting can be a great distraction and moment to highlight the beauty in mother nature.
  • Narrate your actions – babies are curious, so feed that curiosity by applying descriptive words with the sensory experience of getting changed. 
  • Point out baby body parts – there is no better time to point out your baby’s belly button, two hands, two feet, or those ten little toes. 

Lastly…Don’t overthink it! That’s it. You and your little one are capable of great things. You’ve got this! 

Mother and Pluie CEO/Founder Addie Gundry with her two children at Everett Farms and The Station
Pluie Founder, Addie Gundry, with her two children, Cooper & Claire.