Why Healthcare Facilities are Choosing Pluie

More than ever before, there’s a heightened sense of awareness and need for cleanliness in public spaces, including healthcare facilities and restrooms. Parents and businesses are more cautious about the germs that their little ones, guests, and employees may come into contact with and are looking for new and innovative ways to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. 

Pluie was designed to be that innovative solution for public restrooms, and we’ve seen some of the biggest names in healthcare turn to Pluie to best protect the patients they serve. Leaders like Angel Harvey Family Health Center and Northwestern Children’s Practice in Chicago installed Pluie to address a need for better, cleaner changing tables. “We are so thrilled to have Pluie in our family restroom at Northwestern Children’s Practice. Having a changing table that self-sanitizes gives our parents peace of mind when bringing their children in for well visits,” shared Dr. Daphne Hirsh, MD at Northwestern Children’s Practice. 

Healthcare providers are familiar with Pluie’s patented UV-C light system known to kill 99.9% of germs including influenza, E. Coli, and coronavirus, as UV-C light is often used in hospitals to sanitize patient rooms. It’s a familiar, trusted technology in the healthcare setting that Pluie was able to design into a premium commercial product. No other changing table on the market offers any sort of self-sanitizing technology, let alone one that is so trusted and reliable. Safely positioned behind a child protection panel, Pluie’s UV-C light system only turns on when the table is shut and not in use and sanitizes the changing surface in just 60 seconds. Learn more about UV-C light here

Other early adopters of Pluie’s innovative changing tables in the healthcare space include Delta Health in Colorado, HealthLinc in Indiana, and Oula Health in New York. “Pluie is the perfect addition to our space because it offers peace of mind to our practitioners and patients alike that the surfaces our babies are interacting with are at the highest level of both safety and functionality. We truly believe this facility represents the future of pregnancy care, and we’re so excited to work with Pluie to further that vision,” said Elaine Purcell, co-founder and COO of Oula Health. 

Pluie’s mission is to offer the cleanest, safest, and most innovative products on the market for parents and caregivers on the go and to be the go-to solution for businesses that want to improve their guest safety and experience. Despite its advanced technology, Pluie’s changing table is easy to install, operate, and maintain. “Besides the health benefits to infants, parents at Infant Welfare Society of Chicago have been overjoyed with this new diaper changing table. It has been a total relief to them to know they are putting their infants on a ger- free changing station. The installation was simple and the team was a pleasure to work with to get this done,” shared Jerry Isikoff, CEO of the Angel Harvey Family Health Center

The Pluie team is forever grateful to all of the healthcare workers dedicated to keeping all of us and our families and communities healthy, and we’re proud to be one solution in the fight against spreading germs.

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