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Founder and CEO

Addie Gundry

Addie spent most of her career in the kitchen. She studied with Christian Etienne in a Michelin starred restaurant and honed her skills in kitchens in California and New York. She appeared on The Food Network, wrote for Martha Stewart Living, and designed food and beverage products at a Chicago innovation agency. Addie is the author of several cookbooks, making elegant recipes easy and approachable for any cook.

Three years ago, she had a son, and after that, a daughter. As a mom, Addie quickly realized how horrific public changing tables are so she put down her knives and left the kitchen! She founded Pluie and with the help of a talented team Addie set out to change the table.

Co-Founder and COO

Brittany Hizer

Brittany designed premium treadmills, cross-trainers and exercise bikes found in health clubs and fitness centers around the world. After graduating from the renowned Kellogg School of Management, she pivoted from fitness to fishing and was the president of Crestliner.

She too never had a great public diaper changing experience while on-the-go with her young son. After leaving her successful career in the corporate world Brittany was introduced to Pluie founder Addie Gundry. The pair set out to change the table and make the public changing experience better for both children and caretakers.


Addie's Story

The idea

We arrived at a fast-casual burger restaurant and my son had a blowout. My husband couldn’t change him (no changing table in the men’s room). The changing table, per usual, was gross and uncomfortable so I asked myself, “why does it have to be so difficult?”


I was working full-time in a test kitchen and recently competed on The Food Network Star, but I was intrigued by the opportunity to create a new one. I spent two years developing food products for large companies and had an innovation itch. I always thought I would create something in the food space but this unique opportunity was not one I could pass up!


I started collaborating with designers and engineers and together we pursued this idea on nights and weekends, not knowing what it could become. While pregnant with my second child, I became more serious about the idea and hoped that I could gain traction during maternity leave.


I eventually left my career in the kitchen to pursue Pluie full-time and soon after I met Brittany. We began working with a local consulting firm with experienced engineers and a procurement management team to finalize the design, source parts and build prototypes.


And then came COVID-19 and a quarantine, bringing our children home from daycare and in the house all day. We worked around the clock recognizing the need for a safe and hygienic changing experience now more than ever.


We will begin manufacturing here in Illinois, and our first tables are coming this fall. Pluie is now ready for the world and the world is READY for Pluie. Forget existing changing tables, we can do better!

Why change the table?

We identified a problem and questioned why diaper changing tables haven’t evolved over the decades.  We knew there was a better way to make a changing table cleaner, more comfortable and convenient. So we began designing a changing table for public restrooms through the lens of a parent specifically of a mom. Pluie was born.


For most people, the first word that comes to mind, is dirty. "I typically judge the changing facilities as sort of an indicator of how welcoming are they to mothers or how much do they want mothers to eat or shop there."


Many restrooms do not have changing tables. The back of a car is sometimes a last resort. "If a place doesn't have somewhere for me to change my kid or for my husband to do so, I sort of feel like maybe they just don't want our business that much."


It is awkward to place your baby on a rock-hard plastic surface.
"I would rather sit on the floor and change her on my lap."

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Inspiring Change

“1 in 3 U.S families need diapers. For every Pluie sold we will donate diapers to those in need. Every baby deserves a clean place to be changed and a clean bottom.”  



Things will need to change

Let’s start this meaningful conversation, because let’s face it, it is overdue!
Together we can change the way we change our babies.
All babies deserve a safe and hygienic experience on a public changing table.