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Meet Pluie
The world's first and only
self-sanitizing diaper changing table
for public restrooms.
The world's first and only
self-sanitizing diaper changing table for public restrooms.
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Thoughtful Design & Smart Functionality
Reimagining the Diaper Changing Experience for Parents On-the-Go

UV-C Light Sanitization

Two UV-C light bulbs placed behind a child-protection panel are designed to sanitize the diaper changing surface within a minute. Plush Cushion

Security Strap

The wide security strap retracts back into the table, keeping it in the “clean zone”.

Plush Cushion

Pluie offers a plush foam changing surface that is water-resistant, leakproof and easy to clean. No one wants to change their child on a hard, plastic surface like today’s tables.

Multipurpose Handles

The multipurpose handles serve as a place to hang a diaper bag and backpack.

Safer. Cleaner. Better.

At Pluie, we are committed to Changing the Table™ by making sure all parents and caregivers have a clean, comfortable, and convenient changing experience for their little ones, whether at home or on-the-go.

Parents have enough to worry about – let’s work together to change the public changing experience so we no longer have to change our children in the car or leave a public place to return home.

Effective and
Consistent Cleaning
with UV-C

UV-C light technology is widely used today, particularly in hospitals to sterilize patient room surfaces and is known to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses including E. Coli, Influenza and Coronavirus.

Pluie’s patented UV-C light system, which is placed behind a protection panel, turns on to sanitize the changing surface when the table is closed.

Pluie uses light bulbs that are optimized at the 254-nanometer spectrum to break down harmful bacteria and viruses through a photochemical reaction that damages their DNA before they have a chance to spread.

Providing a clean & comfortable environment creates a feeling of safety and security. Pluie is not just a place to change your baby, it represents peace of mind.

Meet Pluie Diaper Changing Tables

Our self-sanitizing table that is powered by an UV-C light system killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses including E. Coli, Influenza and Coronavirus.


Our non-UV table that includes the same benefits of comfort and safety as our Pluie UV Table, but is a great solution for restrooms with electrical constraints.


Recent Recognitions

Effective and Consistent Cleaning Powered by a Patented UV-C Light System

Pluie’s diaper changing tables are known to kill 99.9% of germs including influenza, e. Coli, and coronavirus. The UV-C light system activates when the table is closed, sanitizing the changing surface in just 60 seconds after each use.

Our award-winning, breakthrough design also features a safety strap that retracts back into the clean-zone when not in-use, convenient multipurpose handles for hanging diaper bags and purses to keep them off the floor, and a comfortable foam cushioned surface that creates a softer space for baby bottoms.

Pluie tables are in public restrooms nationwide!

Five stars

Angel Harvey

Besides the health benefits to infants, parents have been overjoyed with this new diaper changing table. It has been a total relief to them to know they are putting their infants on a germ free changing station. The installation was simple and Addie was a pleasure to work with to get this done.

Jerry Isikoff,
CEO Angel Harvey Family Health

Jerry Isikoff,
CEO Angel Harvey Family Health


Everett Farms and The Station

Pluie not only has created a new level of safe and sanitary changing stations, they have created the only one beautiful enough to be installed at our flagship locations. We believe it creates a new standard.

John des Rosiers,
JDR Restaurant Group

John des Rosiers,
JDR Restaurant Group


Graduate Hotel Nashville

We’re always looking for ways to elevate the Graduate Nashville experience with one-of-a-kind amenities that allow guests to enjoy each moment that they spend with us. Pluie has empowered our teams to deliver an incredibly well designed, seamless offering for parents and children visiting our hotel. We’re constantly hearing rave reviews from guests.

Greg Bradley,
Graduate Nashville GM

Greg Bradley,
Graduate Nashville GM

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