Pluie Admitted into The Female Founder Collective

February 12, 2021

Pluie is proud to announce admission into the Female Founder Collective (FCC). As a startup founded, owned and operated by women, it’s an honor to be part of a groundbreaking network focused on enabling and empowering female owned and led businesses.

The FFC is a community of businesses led by women who continue to pave the way. The FCC mission is to provide unique wealth and growth opportunities for one another by arming each other with the tools and resources for a variety of business ventures like raising capital, building operations and more. Rebecca Minkoff, founder of the Collective, believes that by increasing the wealth and opportunities for women-owned business, we can significantly impact our communities for the better and Pluie agrees.  “We are honored by the recognition and the tremendous support from other like-minded women who are also members of FCC.  We look forward to giving back to others especially those women just starting out with an idea.” said Addie Gundry, Pluie Founder and CEO. 

In 2018, just three years ago, Addie Gundry founded Pluie to transform the diaper changing experience in public. “Out for lunch one day, my son had a dirty diaper and the women’s restroom changing table was particularly dirty and uncomfortable. My husband had no option in the men’s room, and that was my ah-ha moment. I thought why isn’t there a better design that exists in every restroom?” said Addie Gundry, founder and CEO of Pluie. “Moms, dads and children deserve better, and I knew in that moment it was my mission to create Pluie.”  Now, Pluie is ready for the world and the world is ready for Pluie.

As Pluie quickly expands in public restrooms nationwide, Addie and Brittany, Pluie co-founder and COO, are ecstatic to unite with other female founders to exchange ideas and provide support to other women in business.