Pluie® Self-Sanitizing Diaper Changing Tables Now Installed Throughout Indiana State Fairgrounds

August 15, 2023

The new amenity elevates cleanliness, comfort, and convenience for families attending the Indiana State Fair

INDIANAPOLIS – In time for the Indiana State Fair that kicks off July 28th, the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Event Center has installed the world’s first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table to enhance cleanliness, comfort, and convenience for families. 

Indiana Farmers Coliseum

Pluie changing tables have been installed in 12 men’s and women’s restrooms in six buildings: DNR Building, Fall Creek Pavilion, Farm Bureau Building, Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Pioneer Village Green, and West Pavilion. This makes the Indiana State Fairgrounds the first fairgrounds campus in the country to offer Pluie. 

“At the Indiana State Fair, the well-being and comfort of our visitors are our topmost priorities. Families are at the heart of our fair experience, and we want to ensure that every moment they spend with us is worry-free,” says LeRoy Lewis III, director of community and media engagement with the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Event Center.

“These cutting-edge diaper changing stations serve as a testament to our dedication in providing a secure and hygienic environment for families to enjoy. By incorporating this innovative technology, we are taking proactive measures to enhance the hospitality experience for our guests. These self-sanitizing stations not only promote cleanliness but also offer convenience and peace of mind to parents and caregivers attending our fair.”

Pluie® Self-Sanitizing Diaper Changing Tables

What Makes Pluie Changing Tables Different: 

  • Patented UV-C light technology known to kill 99.9% of germs including influenza, coronavirus, and E. coli sanitizes activates when the table is closed to sanitize the changing surface in just 60 seconds after each use
  • Multi-purpose handles for hanging diaper bags and purses to keep them off the floor
  • A more comfortable, plush foam leak-proof changing surface
  • Retractable safety strap that stores in a clean zone when not in use

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“Pluie is on a mission to improve cleanliness, comfort, and convenience for all families on the go. We’re thrilled to be able to help the Indiana State Fairgrounds offer this amenity to all the parents and caregivers bringing their little ones to the State Fair and events throughout the year,” says Pluie Founder and CEO Addie Gundry.

“We’re grateful to the Fairgrounds leadership who saw Pluie as a valuable addition to create an optimal guest experience.”

Indiana State Fairgrounds