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Introducing the Pluie Pret Changing Clutch


Allow us to make any surface your changing table.

The Pret Changing Clutch is a compact, stylish, and machine-washable diaper changing mat for modern parents and caregivers who expect the best while on the go. With a contemporary mom-inspired design using handcrafted neoprene-like material, Pret is soft, durable, and easily cared for, providing your baby a cleaner and more comfortable changing experience than other mats on the market.

The Pret changing Clutch is lightweight and compact when folded, so you can easily drop it in your purse or diaper bag to take it with you wherever you go.

It is made from premium, machine-washable neoprene-like quilted material not only acts as a stylish accessory for you, but also allows your baby to feel cozy and comfortable during diaper changes.

Convenient - Contemporary - Clean - Comfortable

Why Pret?

Meet Our Changing Clutch

Pret Changing Clutch


$44.99 MSRP

Shipping to U.S. only. Shipping costs may vary according to location.

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