Best Scissors for Toddlers

Best Scissors for Toddlers

You’ve spent so much time keeping baby away from sharp items, and here you are, ready to give scissors to your two-year-old!

You need to introduce this important crafting tool at some point to encourage creativity and imagination. So, what are the best scissors for your toddler?

Best First Scissors for Toddlers

The best first scissors for toddlers:

  • Are spring action or standard
  • Have a blunt tip
  • Have safety blades that only cut paper
  • Work for left-handed or right-handed children

Consider Fundanoodle Safety Scissors to fit this bill. They are standard, blunt-tip scissors that only cut paper and work for right-handed or left-handed children.

Below, we’ll break down these four qualities of the best scissors into more detail.

Toddler Scissor Designs

The two most popular toddler scissor designs are standard blunt tip and spring action. There are two schools of thought when it comes to preferring one or the other:

  1. Spring action are easier to learn because they help little hands get used to a more continuous cutting motion. With spring action, toddlers won’t experience the frustration of learning to open the scissors, too.
  2. Standard blunt tip are more challenging to learn because kids need to both close the scissors and open them to cut continuously; however, once they are past this learning curve, toddlers get the jumpstart on knowing how big kid scissors work!

When it comes to standard blunt tip, weight may play a factor in the scissors you choose. Montessori teachers love Nienhuis scissors because they feel sturdier and they have longer blades, so they make longer cuts and therefore feel more satisfying to little ones just learning.

Safety Blades

You’ll also want to consider whether the scissors have true safety blades. Safety blades are safest for little hands because they prevent kids from accidentally cutting themselves!

The slightly blunt edges mean toddlers (and even adults) will have trouble cutting through thicker materials like craft foam. But you can introduce craft foam to your kids at an older age. In the meantime, teach toddlers to only cut paper using proper safety scissors.

For a good pair of scissors with safety blades, consider Crayola My First Safety Scissors. This well-known brand’s scissors are budget friendly, come in bright, fun colors, and even include fun edges like adult decorative scissors!

Left vs. Right-Handed

At two years old, you and your kiddo are still learning which hand is dominant. There are many toddler scissors on the market that work for left-handed or right-handed children. So, prevent the frustration of giving your little one right-handed scissors if he turns out to be a lefty by choosing an ambidextrous design.

One particularly lovely model of left or right-handed toddler scissors is Fiskars Preschool Training Scissors. They have the option to be spring action or cut traditionally with the flip of a lever, which is a great feature!