Pluie In the Big Leagues

Pluie has made it to the Big Leagues, literally. The world’s first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table for public restrooms can now be found in three Major League Baseball stadiums across the country: Guaranteed Rate Field (Chicago White Sox), Petco Park (San Diego Padres), and Globe Life Field (Texas Rangers). As fans return to these ballparks, parents with young children can attend with the peace of mind that there is a safe and clean place to change their child’s diaper. 

White Sox
White Sox

Games can be long, and it becomes a hassle when there isn’t a clean and convenient place to change a diaper. With Pluie, parents will no longer resort to leaving the stadium to change a diaper and now families can stay beyond the seventh inning stretch. Or catch that game winning homerun in the extra innings!

Designed with cleanliness and convenience in mind, it’s no wonder right off the bat that one of the first Pluie tables was placed in a sports stadium. In April 2021, Pluie found a home in the White Sox Mother’s Nursing Room, providing moms with a pleasant diaper changing experience. Pluie can be found alongside comfortable chairs, electrical outlets for pumps, and a television to watch the exciting game, making the Nursing Room the perfect place to relax while breastfeeding. 

Texas Ranger
Texas Rangers

It did not take long for other stadiums to scout out Pluie. Petco Park, the #1 Ballpark in the Nation, also saw Pluie as a big hitter and installed changing tables throughout the park. Pluie perfectly aligns with the Padre’s Go Green Initiative, aimed at reducing waste by recycling at least 80% of trash. With Pluie, Petco Park can reduce the amount of harsh chemicals being used on surfaces where babies are most vulnerable and reduce sanitization cost. 

Installing Pluie demonstrates a commitment to health and safety. “Public facilities and family-friendly attractions are more concerned than ever with the health, safety, and comfort of their guests, and I’m proud that Pluie can be a solution for facilities like Petco Park to enhance their guest experience,” says Pluie founder and CEO Addie Gundry.

Pluie can also be found in the brand new, state of the art Globe Life Field. One of the most prominent new additions was the introduction of 12 Mother’s Rooms, providing a relaxed escape from the commotion of the park. In partnership with Hello Bello, a family care brand co-founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, each room is supplied with diapers, wipes, toiletries, and best of all, Pluie! Hello Bello President Erica Buxton sees Pluie as the perfect addition to their rooms: “Affordability and accessibility is a core part of our brand, and this [Pluie] just lines right up with what our mission is.” It’s better at the ballpark with Pluie! 

Pluie brings more to the table than diaper changing alternatives: it enhances the fan experience. With Pluie, families with young children have the peace of mind to attend games and stay longer. This makes Pluie a great addition to any sports venue, including college arenas. Pluie truly is a homerun!