Dadvocating for Change: Dads Change Diapers, Too!

Another men’s restroom without a changing table. It’s all too common, and it’s a key part of Pluie’s story. “Out for lunch one day, my son had a dirty diaper and the women’s restroom changing table was particularly dirty and uncomfortable. My husband had no option in the men’s room, and that was my ah-ha moment. I thought why isn’t there a better design that exists in every restroom?” said Addie Gundry, founder and CEO of Pluie. “Moms, dads and children deserve better, and I knew in that moment it was my mission to create Pluie.”

It’s a scenario experienced by so many parents and caregivers on the go, especially dads. Without legislation in place in most of the country, it’s on us – parents and business decision makers, to make a difference. Did you know that less than 10 states have state-level legislation requiring changing tables at all? And the only federal legislation is the BABIES Act which only requires tables in publicly accessible federal buildings. Pluie is on a mission to change this, seeking to provide a clean, safe place to change a diaper for ALL parents on the go, in all 4 million public restrooms across the country, including family, gender-neutral, and men’s rooms. 

It’s through this mission that Pluie met two dads from Columbus, Ohio, who were also fed up with the status quo. Matt Lofy and Shaun Ditty, creators of The Dadass Podcast, are taking on the cause in their new campaign #DadvocateforChange. Per their website, “The Dadass Podcast and CBUS Dads Blog are raising awareness for the need of changing stations in men’s rooms and gender-neutral bathrooms at “family friendly” locations throughout Columbus, OH, while advocating for the benefits for businesses, families, and all.”

Dad’s Change Diapers campaign

On May 14th, Pluie teamed up with Matt and Shaun at North High Brewing in Dublin, Ohio, just outside of Columbus, to kickoff the campaign with a family-friendly gathering and diaper drive. A Pluie changing table was installed in their gender-neutral restroom at the family-friendly brewery in time for the event, where patrons were encouraged to bring a box of diapers to donate to families in need and share their favorite diaper changing horror stories. Turns out we can all relate! And more than 3,200 diapers were donated to the Bottoms Up Diaper Bank, which will help 127 families in need.

Pluie takes this mission seriously, always encouraging businesses installing Pluie to add the tables to their family restrooms or BOTH the men’s and women’s. 

Celebrating Father’s Day: Free Changing Tables for Men’s Rooms

This month though, in honor of Father’s Day, we’re taking our commitment to dads to a whole new level. From June 1-16, 2022, Pluie is offering a very limited number of changing tables for FREE, with the purchase of one table, for businesses to install in the men’s room. Buy one patented Pluie self-sanitizing diaper changing table and get one free, based on limited availability and subject to terms of the promotion.

A dad Changing Diapers

A big shout out to all the businesses and organizations who have already installed Pluie changing tables in their men’s and gender-neutral rooms. Where should Pluie go next? Connect with our team here to get the conversation started, and help us celebrate all the dads out there who want a clean, safe place to change their babies’ diapers! 

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