Uplifting Female Founders on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2023

Today, and every day, Pluie is proud to be a women owned and operated, WBENC certified business. On International Women’s Day we are empowered to celebrate and uplift all women around the world and here on Parapluie we want to draw special attention to all of the amazing female founders that we have met along this journey and to those that inspire us daily.

In early 2021, when we formally launched Pluie into the world, we received an overwhelming amount of support from other female entrepreneurs and business owners – some of whom were also at the early stages of launching a business and others that had successfully exited. It was then that we decided to create an organic social media campaign to highlight the many incredible women that have come into our professional lives, whether it be from a mutual friend introduction, a shared panel discussion, or even those we reached out to directly on social media.

Since then our Female Founder Friday’s have showcased incredible women such as fellow Shark Tank alumnus, Amrita Saigal, who just made a deal with Mark Cuban and Gwenyth Paltrow for her diaper company, Kudos Diapers. Mara Smith is taking on the spirits industry with her clean and feminine approach to tequila. Inspiro Tequila can now be found in stores throughout the Midwest. Founder of Skura Sponge, Alison Matz, worked with Pluie Founder Addie Gundry at Martha Stewart and has recently partnered with Eva Mendez to scale her sponge brand.

A few other impressive female founders worth mentioning include: 

Claire Coder, of Aunt Flow, who is on a mission to make the world better for people with periods by securing placement of her period product dispensers in businesses to offer 100% organic cotton tampons and pads for free.

Gwendolyn Rogers, of The Cake Bake Shop, who is bringing her unique and magnificent restaurant bar and bakery concept to Walt Disney World this year.

Elaine Purcell, Co-Founder of Oula, who just hosted a panel with Chelsea Clinton, Allyson Felix and Hannah Braumaran to raise awareness and continue the conversation around women’s health and maternal health needs in America.

Erin England, founder of Diaper Concierge, who recently met with the Texarkana Airport to bring her diapering essentials vending machine to a new airport location. Pluie Founder & CEO, Addie Gundry, joined Erin on this sales visit, which is a great example of women coming together in support of one another. 

The list of inspiring women that have impacted the Pluie team’s lives could go on for pages. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times, but it has been an uplifting and inspiring journey these past few years having met such incredible women trailblazers looking to accomplish similar goals. Our commitment on this International Women’s Day 2023 is to double down on building our network and expand our reach in support of other female founders as best we can!