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Powered by a patent-pending UV-C light system.

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Two UV-C light bulbs placed behind a child-protection panel are designed to sanitize the diaper changing surface within minutes.

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The world's first and only self-sanitizing diaper changing table.

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Powered by
a patented
UV-C light system.

Two UV-C light bulbs
placed behind a child
-protection panel are
designed to sanitize
the diaper changing
surface within a minute.

The world’s first
and only self-
sanitizing diaper
changing table.

Changing the table

Not only are baby changing tables for public restrooms sometimes unsanitary, they are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Pluie is designed to make diaper changing moments safe, clean and comfortable.

When UV Light is absorbed, it breaks the DNA’s chemical bonds and kills the bacteria or virus.

UV Light Sanitation


Is ideal to eradicate germs, triggering a photochemical reaction that damages their DNA. UV-C light is widely used today in hospitals to sterilize patient room surfaces.

UV-C light is known to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses including E. Coli, Influenza and Coronavirus.

UV in the Press


“Ultraviolet light has long been used to curb the spread of viruses and bacteria in hospitals, and the pandemic has spurred additional UV-C usage in everything from subway cars to airports.”


“Ultraviolet light is an effective tool that has been in use for decades in hospitals and operating rooms. The global UV disinfection equipment market was valued at $1.1 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $3.4 billion by 2026, according to Allied Market Research.”


“It has been known for years that UV radiation can kill certain microbes. It is used to sterilize medical equipment, and personal UV sterilizers can be purchased for home use.”


Did you know?

“UV-C light is one of 4 different wavelengths of ultraviolet light. UV-C has the shortest wavelength and is the most powerful at killing viruses and bacteria. The ozone layer does not allow UV-C light to reach the earth’s surface. Therefore, organisms have never been exposed to this form of UV light and they have no resistance to it. That is why they quickly die when exposed to artificial UV-C light sources.”

Business Insider

Dirty and Unsafe

For most people, the first word that comes to mind is, dirty. And it is not just about bathroom changing stations being “dirty” anymore, they have become unsafe. Parents are speaking out and customer expectations have significantly changed.

The Pluie Difference

Design AttributesOther TablesUV-CNo UV-C
UV-C Light Sanitizing System behind a child-protection panel is designed to sanitize the diaper changing surface within a minute.
Plush cushion that is water resistant, leak-proof.
Wide security strap that retracts back into the table, keeping it in the “clean zone”.
Multipurpose handles to conveniently hang diaper bags, purse, etc.
Gas spring for easy-open and easy-close release.
LED light turns on indicating sanitation cycle is in-process.
Larger usable changing space to make you and your child feel safe and secure.

Let’s change the table

Now more than ever businesses will need to focus on sanitation and cleanliness to make customers feel comfortable to frequent locations again. Businesses need ways to attract customers and gain their trust.