Why Now

Businesses and public places need to focus on sanitation and cleanliness now more than ever. Your customers expect it.

Pluie Inc


of Americans say an unpleasant public restroom at a business shows poor management


report that encountering neglected restrooms lowers their opinion of the establishment


report that encountering neglected restrooms shows the business doesn’t care about its customers


say they are likely to spend more cash at a business with clean, well-maintained restrooms

Providing a clean environment creates a feeling of safety and security. Pluie is not just a changing table, it’s peace of mind.


Commercial baby changing tables are often unsanitary, missing the safety strap or have a broken strap. Even before the pandemic caregivers have been changing their children in the car or leaving a business to go home. No one wants to change their child on a rock-hard plastic surface that hasn’t been properly sanitized.


Men’s restrooms and even some, gender-neutral and women’s restrooms still do not have changing tables. Some people just assume a business doesn’t even have them installed which should not be the case these days. All restrooms should have Pluie.


Wall-mounted, fold-down changing tables have not evolved in decades, and they’re outdated, dirty and uncomfortable. Most have large empty liner slots which end up collecting dirt and trash.

People need Pluie

If Pluie was available in a public restroom, parents would likely choose it instead of changing their child in the car like they do today.

Pluie can increase profit

If Pluie was available at a favorite store/public location, parents would likely spend more money at the location and 87% would be extremely likely to tell their friends about the location.

Pluie = Customer Loyalty

If Pluie was added to a favorite store/public location, perception of the brand’s feelings towards family would improve.

"Do I feel like it's safe and clean in here. No not really. I'm gonna change my son in the car."
MEGAN S - Indiana
"Having a changing table that self-sanitizes gives our parents peace of mind when bringing their children in for visits."
"I believe that having a great changing station makes life easier for parents, who are already dealing with a lot having a child. It’s one less thing we as parents would have to worry about."
HENRY C - Georgia
"I typically judge the changing facilities of a public place as sort of an indicator of how welcoming they are to mothers or how much they want mothers to shop there."
ELIZABETH W. - Des Plaines, IL
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So things will
need to change

Parents have enough to juggle. And now, more than ever, health and safety is top of mind for everyone. Finding a safe, clean, and comfortable place to change children outside the home shouldn’t be another thing we parents have to worry about. Pluie delivers your business a unique opportunity to say to all your patrons – “we care”.

So things will need to change
Our babies need protection

Our babies
need protection

An infant’s skin is three to five times thinner than an adult’s and is made up of smaller cells. This increases the absorption of water and other substances into the body. Since the skin can absorb irritants, allergens, and bacteria from the environment, a substance that manages to penetrate the skin ends up being considerably more concentrated in a baby’s body.

And we are starting the conversation

And we are starting the conversation

Pluie can deliver on values that all businesses are addressing right now: health and safety as well as sustainability and inclusion. Press surrounding this innovative update will excite parents and drive business and loyalty to you.

And we are starting the conversation

Take a stand. Let’s change the table, together!

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